We facilitate your inner transformation journey

"Self Indulgence"- a transformational retreat.

Self Indulgence is an initiative to develop people, holistically. We conduct personal development programs, for individuals.  Our holistic, life skills program is so designed and administered, that it encapsulates all essential constituents, such that, it penetrates deep within for a lasting transformation.

We understand human capabilities and how those can be explored for a wonderful living. Our methodologies and tools have been designed after a rigorous study across varied people and varied possibilities.  Thus, the program attempts to shuffle the core within you, dust off those which can be dusted and make way for the new seed to get sown, to carve out the best, from within you.

A conscious, deep down, self attempt by the participants, to re-look within and re-arrange for the best of you.

Program Methodology

Our program and sessions are experiential. These are designed such, that the participants are thoroughly engaged in consultative discussions and experiencing, for enhanced awareness and greater wisdom in life.

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