a lot can be achieved,
with an increase in awareness
& degree of being conscious

Umesh Upaadyay is a Consultant, Life Coach & Motivational speaker.

A Seeker. Seeker of knowledge and always open to learn to imbibe in self. Simultaneously, he is continuously engaged in enabling others to reproduce their better self, through inner transformation.
He wishes to inspire other to get and keep motivated. He facilities by attempting to ignite the fire within one, to re-assess and work towards developing self for a happy life. His session- “Self Indulgence” is a program toward knowing one self and re-creating a new version of self. A way to dust off the unnecessary part of your being and to re-create a new personality as desired.
Professionally, Umesh has worked across great companies in the past, within India and outside. With a degree in Science & management and being Six Sigma Black Belt certified professional, he has worked on various projects & closed it successfully. He has worked across Business Operating, Quality, Training & Development & across Human Resources Management in his career, in the past. At the same time, while working in Organizations, and whatever possible, Umesh would spend his time reading and searching for spiritual meaning and attempting to experience it, in depth.
Umesh personally advocates living life with inner peace and joy. On the contrary, entire humanity is running around to accumulate more of conveniences than genuine happiness. Co-existence with the environment, nature and other beings is the right way in this mutually interdependent space, we live in.
Being aware, in whatever we do is what is required to be practiced, genuinely & repeatedly.

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