Re-write your own story

Empower yourself, through effective coaching

When did you last take a break and did little inward journey? When did you last shift your attention from outside of you, to the core within you?
What you see outside of you is all through the sense organs, but what you do with the inputs received, it’s all done internally, using different set of faculties.

Your present state of life and the circumstances around is a consequence of what you did to self, in the past. Irrespective of what is your present condition is, you still possess the competence to change your present state, all by self. within no time. But then why is it so that you find it is so difficult to bring in this shift, for the desired results? The primary reason is you and YOU alone. The one who wants this work to be done is you, the one upon whom this work needs to be done is also you and the one who will have to do this work upon you, is also you.

Now, to succeed, be it in a work which requires miniscule of effort to the one which is grand, you require all of these aspects to work with some synergy, within you. If the alignment is not there, then the result would not come.

Here comes the Coach, who empowers you with the insight, goal and accountability you may require to meet your goals. This could be in any sphere of your life – Health, profession, Marriage, Love and relationship, friends & social, self development or in spirituality.

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You have it all within you, but at times, you may required little encouragement to be able to meet success. If you have the desire to reach where you wish to be, then be rest assured, we are there to enable you to touch your highest potential, to succeed.
Our Coaching is neither a therapy, nor consulting, mentoring, advice or counselling. Our objective is to empower you to be able to overcome your present state of affairs and meet your goals in both personal and professional lives. We empower, guide and facilities you to be able to effectively manage various aspects of life, in you own journey of life.

Effective Coaching in the areas of











Key benefits of Coaching:


Bring forth the purpose & clarity.


How to manage limiting beliefs, which may be an impediment to growth.


Apply effective methodologies for specific outcome.


Consistent efforts, better than yesterday, everyday We believe, every individual is unique and complete. We acknowledge and recognize the brilliance within you and work with you, so that you are able to find solutions, all by self. We enable you to re-craft your life, the way you want it. Our engagement looks out for the best to come out of you, from within. The result thereafter would be and everlasting one.

Motivational sessions & Meditation

Being positive and resilient in life, is what life is all about. Being continuously aware about self, the thoughts, thinking, feelings and subsequent actions is what is required to be done. Our short inspirational sessions assist one to get changed in life and bring in clarity for re-alignment of thoughts and actions.

Participants Eligibility

Any individual, in Schools, Colleges, for Professionals or Home Maker.

Program Duration

Is customized, basis time availability & requirement type of the participant

Program Mode

Individually or in group

What do I do next?

Please feel free to discuss with us and we shall be glad to listen to you and suggest the best course of action. For this, you may drop in a mail at umesh.upaadyay@gmail.com or fill up the form from the page and we shall connect with you.